ABBS has contracted e2v to develop the sensor, control, and initiation system package required for its Active Mine Protection Systems. The need to detect, measure, and analyse the location and strength of a mine/IED blast under a vehicle and respond actively and powerfully to it within a millisecond is a challenge which has been enthusiastically embraced by e2v, who have quickly and successfully evolved their standard warhead initiation technology to meet the requirement. Designed to fully meet the relevant NATO STANAGs the systems are fully ruggedised to withstand the rough environments encountered by armoured vehicles in active service.

Similarly, the motor systems required to generate very high force levels combined with extremely short reaction times have required the adoption of novel designs which have extended rocket motor technology well beyond previous knowledge, and Daniel Jubb, MD of The Falcon Project Ltd. has, like e2v, responded enthusiastically to the challenge and rapidly developed some ground-breaking technology to optimise the systems as required for the AMPS technology.

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