Germany company DREHTAINER developed its Zero Shock® system a number of years ago, and has since had a containerised format for CASEVAC tested and qualified for Swiss Army service, and is currently working on a similar order for the German Army.

Whilst this installation is very effective in protecting the occupants and sensitive equipment from the effects of the initial shock passing through the vehicle structure, and deals with floor deformation at design levels, it does not protect against the subsequent global acceleration that the container or vehicle may experience, which can alone cause serious injuries.

The addition of the ABBS Linear Rocket Motors provides the instantaneous, extremely powerful thrust required to directly counteract the mine blast lifting forces and prevent Global Acceleration beginning, completely protecting the occupants from this final stage threat from the mine/IED.

The combination of the DREHTAINER Zero Shock® and the ABBS VGAM systems can provide 100% protection against Shock, Floor Deformation, and Global Acceleration for blasts within the system design specification. This is the first time that any company worldwide can claim to be able to provide this complete level of protection against mine blast effects.

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