In addition to a £250,000 R&D grant from the UK Technology Strategy Board, ABBS has now completed a major funding exercise which has enabled the completion of development of the VAFS (Vehicle Armoured Floor Stabilisation) and VGAM (Vehicle Global Acceleration Mitigation) technologies.  Final full scale testing of the systems on a lightweight Snatch Land Rover will be completed during Autumn 2014, following which the AMPS technology will be available for testing on customers’ vehicles.

Complete elimination of Global Acceleration is targeted, with Floor Deformation also being controlled to minimise or eliminate foot and leg injuries if the VAFS element of the AMPS technology is incorporated.

The control and motor systems are designed to be fully compliant with the relevant STANAG standards, and the whole system will effectively be at TRL 6 when the development work is completed. The basic elements of the systems are simply scale-able for specific vehicle designs, and the sensing and control function does not use any software, thus eliminating the difficulty of qualifying a safety-critical system involving computer software.

The systems are suitable for use on any vehicle size, from ultra-light special forces types, through civilian SUVs/VIP vehicles, mine clearance personnel transport vehicles, Light Patrol Vehicles, to large APCs or MBTs.

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