ABBS has developed globally patented systems to counteract the huge forces on an armoured vehicle when a mine or IED explodes under it. Tests have suggested occupants can be completely protected and the vehicle remains on the ground. ABBS is profitably selling systems to the USA, Israel, UK and now expanding production.

• Mines and IED’s (Improvised Explosive Devices) accounted for over 80% of UK and US army casualties in Iraq & Afghanistan and the IED threat is worldwide as religious extremists and dissident ethnic groups use these devices to disrupt Government authorities and normal civilian life.

• The technology ABBS has been developed over 11 years and we have spent £7m in this time. Our research suggests that we can completely protect the occupants of armoured vehicles from mines and IED’s.

• Development is now taking place with the US Army, Israel, and the UK, with Indian distributors also interested.

• The market ranges from lightweight Special Forces vehicles and such as Toyota Land Cruisers at the lower end to very large 30-40ton Armoured Personnel Carriers (APC’s) and Main Battle Tanks (MBT’s) which make up an annual market value of about $20billion.

• For ABBS the annual potential market value is going to increase as the AMPS technology is fully developed and certified for use on increasing numbers of vehicle types and programmes.

• ABBS has received over £2m revenue to date from UK R&D grants and sales to the US Army and Israel, with profits of £145,000 in YE 2018 and £560,000 in YE 2019.

• Current order book is $368,000 from the US and Israel with £150,000 UK R&D grant funding to demonstrate 6kg mine capability under a Toyota Land Cruiser (TLC).

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