Innovative Rocket Motor Systems

Developed in conjunction with a leading UK energetics company, ARMS provides a range of innovative Effector solutions for use across the ABBS family of protection systems.

The core offering is the lightweight, low-profile Linear Rocket Motor (LRM™), used as part of the VGAM™ solution to eliminate the Global Acceleration threat to occupants of a land vehicle in the event of a land mine or IED blast.

Incorporating electronic safety & arming and using an insensitive solid propellant, the LRM configuration can withstand a direct hit and still not ignite.  They are low profile and can be mounted to the top of a wide range of vehicles to ensure that in the event of a mine or IED blast, the vehicle is not launched up into the air..

ABBS have been undertaking development and testing of the LRMs in conjunction with both the US Army and UK MOD since 2015 with the latest tests in 2020.

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