Crowdcube Funding Pitch

The Crowdcube Funding Pitch is now open for Private Viewing and investment at the link below:-

New US Army GVSC Order for Linear Rocket Motors for Test.

ABBS has received a new $268,000 order for LRM's for testing in the USA later this year under the ongoing Co-operative R&D Agreement (CRADA) which was extended for a further three years in October 2019. The intention of the CRADA is to develop the ABBS technology to the Technology Readiness Level 6 (TRL6) when the product is deemed suitable for testing on potential vehicle programmes.

ABBS Wins New UK R&D Funding For Light Vehicle Mine Blast Protection.

A new £219,000 Innovate UK project to develop 6kg underbelly mine blast capability for light vehicles such as Toyota Land Cruisers has started on 1st January 2020. Both active and passive systems will be used to minimise belly plate deformation and Global Acceleration to prevent any serious injuries to the vehicle occupants.

AVCP Joins all the Leading Safety Committees Setting the Certification Rules for eVTOL's in the Urban Air Mobility Application.

AVCP has joined both the Vertical Flight Society (VFS) Safety Committee and the General Aircraft Manufacturers Association (GAMA) VTOL Committee during recent visits to the USA for the VFS Forum75 in May and the UBER Elevate Summit in June.

Later in June AVCP has also participated in the EUROCAE/EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) eVTOL Safety Committee, which has just started to address all the safety and certification issues with the Urban Air Mobility (UAM) application. Roger Sloman is responsible for the drafting of the standards for crash-worthiness, and is defining a three-level set of certification criteria, covering all the available options:-
1) Simply relying on system redundancy alone.
2) Adding a ballistic parachute system.
3) Adding both a ballistic parachute system and retrorockets to provide a full Zero-Zero system capability.

AVCP Attends the 3rd UBER Elevate Summit in Washington

The 3rd Elevate Summit was a useful exercise in updating past contacts and make new ones, with a focus on the FAA , NASA and other regulatory bodies to ensure that they are all aware of the AVCP Zero-Zero system and its benefits.