How the system works

In the event of a system or power failure…

Total launch system/parachute/rocket motor weight is just 100lbs/45kg for a 4500lb/2000kg aircraft.

At whatever height the emergency occurs, the system is launched at 60 to 90 fps.

In-line solid composite propellant rocket motors fire for 2 seconds for a safe landing.

At the moment of impact, AVCP’s stroking, lightweight shock absorbing seats provide additional cushioning.

AVCP’s technology suite will allow passengers to walk away from any eVTOL emergency at any height with only minor injuries at worse.

Performance Characteristics

In-line rocket motor reduces ground contact velocity under conventional ballistic parachute from 5-7m/s to 1-2m/s maximum. (Target is less than 1m/s)


System is deployed in less than 0.5s and fully effective in approximately 1.5s.


Effective at only 5-10m altitude with target ground contact speed of 1-2m/s worst case maximum.


Aircraft attitude automatically controlled by parachute.

Prevention is better than cure. Avoid hard

landings and crashes.

The eVTOL Safety System concept was originally proposed as Linear Rocket Motors installed in the skids of a helicopter and activating automatically during final 1-2 seconds of an un-controlled descent to slow the descent rate before landing or preventing a CFIT accident.

After the eVTOL market activity began developing rapidly in 2016 the concept was further evolved by the addition of a rapid-opening ballistic parachute, and some major developments of the Linear Rocket Motors to suit the specific requirements of the eVTOL application.

In all versions an Autonomous Sensor/Control/ Initiation System (ASCIS) for the rocket motors remains in Safe Mode until below about 10 - 15m altitude and the aircraft height and descent data indicates a hard landing or crash may occur.

When the data indicates that the system needs to be fired it arms within 1ms and if the data continues to indicate a crash will occur the rocket motors will then be fired. Immediately on landing at a controlled 1-2m/s, or just before, the rocket motor thrust is adjusted to prevent the aircraft taking off again. (Installed thrust has to be about twice the weight of the aircraft in order to counteract both gravity and the momentum due to the descent rate of the aircraft.)

The ultra-rapid control and EFI (Exploding Foil Initiation)  system is already used in air-launched missiles, and is designed to be a 100% safe system, immune to any radio-frequency interference and even lightening strikes.

The Linear Rocket Motor design is patented globally, is currently at about TRL 6,  and is being further developed for both the Active Mine Protection System for armoured vehicles and the eVTOL applications.


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