ABBS have issued a response to the US Rapid Reaction Technology Office’s (RRTO) RFI relating to Thunderstorm for Contested Logistics.

This outlines how the Advanced Blast & Ballistic Systems Limited Vehicle Active Floor System (VAFS™) System for Ground Vehicle protection can be used to improve the survivability of any ground distribution platform.

Technology Description:

Land mines and improvised explosive devices (IEDs) continue to endanger military personnel and civilians, in active & legacy theatres of operation, on a worldwide basis.  Vehicles are susceptible to penetration & shock effects from under-body blast, and crew often suffer lower-limb injuries resulting from floor shock and from rapid vehicle belly-plate and floor deformation.  Vehicle up-armouring can mitigate these effects, but with penalties of increased weight, profile, and loss of maneuverability.  Advanced Blast & Ballistic Systems Ltd. (ABBS) has developed and demonstrated Vehicle Active Floor System (VAFS) technology, to mitigate the floor shock effects of under-body blast (UBB) and prevent injury to any vehicle occupants’ lower limbs in contact with the floor.

Light ground vehicle, (1) pre- and (3) post-exposure to a 6kg (TE) buried mine blast (2) with ABBS Active Floor Effector (4) next to blast seat in crew compartment

ABBS’s solution uses energetic effectors connected to the vehicle floor plate that, following a UBB event deliver a fast, counter-acting impulse within milli-second blast timescales moving the floor down and reducing the transmission of shock loading to the lower limbs and feet of the vehicles’ occupants;  following VAFS activation, the floor panel then simply resets.

The technology has the added advantage of extending the capability of energy-absorbing seat systems.  The ABBS VAFS system concept is demonstrated in full-scale vehicle rig firings in the UK.  Integration and validation of this novel system technology can now deliver efficient mitigation of UBB threats to multiple classes of ground vehicle, reducing occupant casualties and injuries whilst preserving vehicle mobility and efficiency, strengthening the resilience and survivability of Ground Distribution Platforms.

Operating Concept of ABBS Vehicle Active Floor System (VAFS):  a protected vehicle (1) subjected to an under-body blast (UBB) threat, resulting in (2) the fast actuation of floor effector countermeasures on the vehicle floor to counter UBB-driven floor shock loading

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