Following the interview by Forces TV we have continued to receive a growing amount of interest in our Land Vehicle Protection System; including an article in Defence Procurement International and approaches from both the Pentagon and UK MOD who are considering a joint funding exercise to further develop the technology.

With the ability to retrofit our solution and proven ability to allow a lightweight snatch land-rover to survive a mine blast test; our innovative approach has proved both popular and a discussion point amongst armed forces personnel.

Our range of protective measures include:

  • VGAM™ – Vehicle Global Acceleration Mitigation – patented Linear Rocket Motors (LRM™) counteract mine blast lifting forces to prevent the vehicle being blown into the air.  These rockets fire within a few milliseconds of a mine blast, counteracting the lifting forces generated by a mine or IED and pushing the vehicle down to keep it grounded.
  • VAFS™ – Vehicle Active Floor System – actuators pull the floor away from occupant’s feet to prevent Floor Shock injuries by ensuring that they are not in contact with the floor.
  • CRBP – Composite Reinforced Belly Plate – a special bellly plate comprised of both steel and composite materials to minimise deformation and reduce impulse transferred to the vehicle, without needing a deep V shaped hull.  This builds on our CEO (Roger Sloman)’s materials expertise – he was the person who introduced the concept of carbon-fibre chassis to Formula One racing cars in the 1970s.

We are excited to see that finally our aim of providing Technology that Saves Lives is now being recognised on a global scale.