Advanced Blast & Ballistic Systems will attending the 6th annual Future Armoured Vehicles Survivability Conference and Active Protection Systems Focus Day (#FAVSurvivability) in London between the 15th – 17th November 2021.

This conference is organised by @SMIgroupdefence and is the only armoured vehicle conference dedicated to the area of survivability.  The event aims to bring together programme managers, capability directors, commanders from the military, senior engineers, chief scientists and platform managers from leading solution providers to discuss what nations are doing to protect their armoured vehicles and personnel.

ABBS will also take part in the Active Protection Systems Focus Day on 15th November 2021 which will provide detailed and exclusive insight into how leading nations are integrating APS into their existing vehicle fleet and will look at a range of topics, including our own VGAM™ system and how it can be used as an active countermeasure against mines and IEDs.

Unlike any other event, the survivability conference is a meeting for the international armoured vehicle community designed around a series of focused discussions on the strategies and technologies being adopted to enhance crew and platform survivability. As seen in recent operations, threats to the vehicle are increasing in both scope and size. Traditional lightly armed combatants now have access to an increasing array of lethal anti-armour capabilities. With the continued proliferation of advanced anti-tank weaponry around the world, and as armed forces pivot to addressing near-peer adversaries, armored vehicle survivability remains as important as it ever has been.