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Active VTOL Crash Prevention
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ABBS World-Leading Active and Passive Blast Protection Solutions to Protect Occupants of Armoured Vehicles from Mine and IED Blasts.

Most methods of advanced blast protection for armoured vehicles rely on passive armour including V shaped hulls to deflect the blast.

The ABBS advanced blast protection systems include a range of options to provide an enhanced shock absorbing belly plate and active systems which counteract the blast.


VGAM™ – Vehicle Global Acceleration Mitigation – patented Linear Rocket Motors (LRM™) counteract mine blast lifting forces to prevent the vehicle being blown into the air.

VAFS™ – Vehicle Active Floor System – actuators pull the floor away from occupant’s feet to prevent Floor Shock injuries.

CRBP  – Composite Reinforced Belly Plate – a completely passive belly plate containing composite beams and an energy absorbing layer which minimises deformation and reduces impulse and shock attenuation transferred to the vehicle.

ABBS Solution for Vehicle Survivability

AVCP Ultimate Zero-Zero Safety System for eVTOL Aircraft making Crashes Survivable.

Using our expertise in Rocket Motors and ensuring fast reliable initiation as was required for the VGAM™ system in use in our Land Vehicle Protection solution, we realised that similar technologies could be utilised to ensure that any aircraft in a VTOL stage (vertical take-off and landing) could be brought safely to the ground.

As eVTOL aircraft continue to evolve and gain both industry and public interest, there are currently no certified safety systems to protect against a catastophic failure during this vertical flight stage.

This is where the AVCP Zero-Zero Safety System for eVTOL aircraft provides a complete safety solution.

ABBS Solution for Aircraft Survivability

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