Active Safety Systems Technologies LLC brings the complete package of survivability systems from Advanced Blast & Ballistic Systems to the USA.

Mine Blast Protection – Protecting The Troops

We offer the following systems to protect US troops and aid agencies from the effects of underbelly mine/IED blasts:

  • VGAM™ System – an active system which eliminates the G-forces on the occupants by forcing the vehicle to stay on the ground.
  • VAFS™ System – an active system which very rapidly removes the vehicle floor from below the occupant’s feet to ensure that the impact of the blast is not transferred directly to lower legs.
  • CRBP – a replacement to the standard armoured belly plate which reduces impulse transfer to the vehicle and deformation of the chassis; reducing impulse and shock attenuation on the occupants, whilst keeping the vehicle intact.
  • Energy-Absorbing Seats to mitigate any upward movement during the blast

VTOL & Light Aircraft Crash Protection – Protecting The Public

We offer the following systems to protect passengers, pilots and the public in the case of an emergency in an eVTOL or light aircraft:

  • Emergency Descent Arrest System – with a ballistic parachute which is automatically launched and a retro-rocket effector which allows a controlled landing to prevent high speed high impact crashes
  • Fire Retardent Composite Battery Boxes to protect the electric battery boxes from causing an aircraft fire on impact
  • Air Bag Technology to act as flotation devices and help absorb the impact
  • Energy-Absorbing Seats to mitigate the impact of the landing on the occupants

Mine Blast Protection - Protecting the Troops

Vehicle Blast Protection Technology that Saves Lives

Mines and IED’s (Improvised Explosive Devices) accounted for over 80% of UK and US army casualties in Iraq & Afghanistan. The IED threat is worldwide as various groups use these devices to disrupt Government authorities and normal civilian life.

The armoured vehicle market ranges from lightweight Special Forces vehicles such as Toyota Land Cruisers to very large 30-40ton Armoured Personnel Carriers (APC’s) and Main Battle Tanks (MBT’s) some of which still lack basic protection against the impact of mines and IEDs.

An under body blast from a buried mine or IED can be devastating – causing even the heaviest vechicles to be lifted into the air. That can result not only in the blast penetrating the vehicle, but also throwing personnel and contents of the vehicle around inside; exerting large G forces on personnel and transferring shock through limbs potentially smashing bodies.

The Advanced Blast & Ballistic Systems Mine Blast Protection System delivers a fast, counter-acting impulse within milli-seconds to counteract global acceleration from a Underbelly Blast event, mitigating:

  • global acceleration; and
  • subsequent slam-down of the vehicle,

keeping occupant loading within the capability of energy-absorbing seat systems.

Our rocket motor effectors provide highly-efficient, low mass, high-speed delivery of counter-measure impulse, with a low Insensitive Munition (IM) signature when combined with ABBS’s electronic safety, arming & ignition sub-system.

The ABBS VGAM system concept is demonstrated in full-scale vehicle rig firings in the US and the UK.

Integration and validation of this novel system technology can now deliver efficient mitigation of Underbelly Blast global-acceleration threats to multiple classes of ground vehicle, reducing occupant casualties and injuries whilst preserving vehicle mobility and efficiency, strengthening the resilience and survivability of Ground Distribution Platforms.

VTOL & Light Aircraft Crash Protection - Protecting the Public

Crash Protection Technology that Saves Lives

eVTOL Aircraft are essentially battery powered Electrical Vertical Take-Off and Landing aircraft.

Aimed at the Urban Air Mobility market, eVTOL aircraft aim to reduce traffic congestion by making airborne short-hop services achievable and affordable.  Particularly suited for air taxis and emergency response vehicles, an eVTOL is designed to allow quick access to areas at a much lower cost than a traditional helicopter.

These aircraft, which are currently in development, are designed to carry generally between 2 and 10 passengers, fly short routes within urban environments, provide quick turnarounds for arrivals and departures, and may even operate autonomously.

eVTOL aircraft differ from traditional aircraft and rotorcraft as they are powered by multiple battery driven rotorblades and offer vertical take-off and landing.  This does have an impact on safety, as during the take-off / landing phase, they will not have little (or no) forward momentum in order to generate lift; nor will they be able to use autorotation, which is used by helicopters to allow a controlled form of crash landing.

The Active VTOL Crash Prevention Zero-Zero Safety System is designed to ensure a safe landing in the event of an emergency, protecting passengers, pilots and people on the ground.

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